Ever wondered what your girlfriend or wife is thinking?

Can’t figure her out?

Have you been searching for ways to read her mind but can’t?
Wouldn’t it be better if men understood everything about women?


Doug McCoy, the guy that made reading fun for the world, has created Everything Men Understand About Women. A very entertaining and easy read.

ReCreation King Douglas McCoy

The author is dumbfounded with his revealing discoveries after decades of research and study into what men understand about women – the world over. Through Douglas McCoy’s searching and extensive interviews with marriage guidance counselors, dating gurus, mates, and his own personal experience, he has come up with this interesting piece.

Only a very limited number of men throughout history have had the actual courage to come forward and admit to these secrets of Everything Men Understand About Women. But, Douglas McCoy has actually “opened his kimono” and revealed everything he knows on the subject of women, without pulling any punches. Douglas has risked life and limb to come out and finally commit it all on paper and present it all so simply and all in this astounding one book.

Read so you can know why!


100415 Woman cover-02-01[1]

Since the beginning of time, men have scratched their head, gone bald, had ulcers, endured stress and been depressed trying to work this out. Finally, here it is. It’s all laid out so simple and it is all set out so clear to follow all in this one amazing book. It covers the biggest concerns a mere mortal male has to face in this life. So stop worrying and blaming yourself. Finally, stop blaming yourself and find out for yourself Everything Men Understand About Women.

This is definitely a must-read. For the thinking man, there is a laugh on every page. You may find the only reason men really go gay. See for yourself.


The publishers offer many guarantees with this book:

•    Guaranteed to make you laugh and cry when everything is finally revealed. The lights will come on and you will realize: “Mate you are not alone!”
•    You are guaranteed to tell more of your friends about this book, than any other book you have read. Read and see for yourself why!
•    Guaranteed you don’t want put this book down until you have read every word – or your money back!

Doug McCoy writes his books so they are fun to read. Read and enjoy.
•    Health Warning:  Don’t show this book to your wife or girlfriend.
•    A Friendly Tip:  With a guarantee you will want to show it to more friends than any other book you have purchased.
•    Plus:  You will get more laughs. The big question is:  Are you ready for so much to be revealed in one sitting? Why not give it a go?

Douglas McCoy has already been asked for a sequel: Volume 2 – But can you handle it? Have a laugh at the world, and the world laughs back with you.

Buy now and get a free CD of: How Cool Is It: Everything Men Understand About Women – with all the same astounding facts and knowledge totally revealed in this free special jaw-dropping CD – enclosed.

What are you waiting for?


The answers to your questions are all in Everything Men Understand About Women. With this eBook, you will be able to understand how your partner thinks, and be prepared for the future!